Are Millennials Really “Killing” These Industries?

Barely a day passes without another story about an industry that millennials are “killing”. Millennial buyers have been blamed for the downfall of so many once-considered-vital areas of business, but how true are the accusations that it’s millennials to blame?

Are millennials killing… the diamond industry?

This might be the case, but the fact that diamonds are generally considered to be inflated in price (a fact millennials are more likely to be aware of, thanks to the internet) is more likely to be the cause.

Are millennials killing… the newspaper industry?

Yes, the newspaper industry — at least, the printed paper version — isn’t in the best of health. However, it’s unlikely that this issue can be solely attributed to millennials simply isn’t fair. Millennials don’t read newspapers but, thanks to the convenience of the internet, this industry was on borrowed time anyway.

Are millennials killing… the motorcycle industry?

While there’s no denying the motorcycle industry isn’t in the healthiest of shape, there are plenty of other reasons this is the case. Millennials are a factor, but the industry is facing issues from a number of sources. Thankfully, as the infographic below shows, the industry appears to have plenty of ideas as to how to rectify the issue…

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