In 2017, Amazon purchased Whole Foods and dropped prices 23% over one weekend. The same week, Kroger stocks dropped 19%. A year later, Walmart suddenly closed 63 Sam’s Club locations, planning to turn some into fulfillment centers for online ordering. With a staggering 85% of people are willing to give grocery delivery a try, and a growing number using make-at-home meal kit services, the grocery world is struggling to keep up.

Some grocers attract customer using high-quality produce, with offers like Walmart’s specially-designed cantaloupe, or Wegman’s calendar of local produce. Others are beginning to offer grocery pickup and delivery options, like Kroger’s Clicklist or Target’s new partnership with Shipt. But at every turn, traditional brick-and-mortar stores are having to compete with Amazon’s new forays into the food industry.

The way we buy our food these days is changing, find out more about how grocery stores are trying to win the grocery store wars in this infographic.

Winning The Grocery Store Wars [Infographic] 1


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