Networking has always been an essential skill for job seekers. With the rise of social media, online networking has begun to demand its own unique set of skills. Instead of just passing out business cards or Linkedin profiles, successful networking means building lasting and valuable relationships.

Building a social media presence that is professional, up-to-date, and engaging is an excellent place to start. But one of the ironies of networking in the internet age is that you should get offline as soon as possible. When you make a new contact, follow-up face-to-face, stay in touch, and make sure your building real relationships. A few good contacts will serve you better than a lot of bad ones.

When done correctly, online networking can do more than just find you a job – networkers are more likely to get hired, get higher pay, and keep their job longer. Read this infographic to find out more.

The Lost Art Of Networking [Infographic] 1


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