Drawing from the same technology that powers cryptocurrencies, blockchain is squaring up to be the next face of real estate. Diversifying your portfolio has never been easier and more lucrative than with the help of cryptocurrency, and blockchain technology is revolutionizing your investment opportunities.


Real estate is the largest asset class in the world with a global value of over $200 trillion. But the future of real estate lies within digitized tokens. Tokenization of fungible assets gives buying rights to real world assets, like real estate, and converting it’s value into a proof-of-asset token on the blockchain. Moving, selling, and trading physical assets will become more convenient, faster, and easier to split among investors, as well as removing the need for legal paper agreements and the back and forth of exchanging cash.

Our real estate climate is quickly changing; are you ready? Take a look at this infographic from Property Coin for more on the intricate relationship among crypto, blockchain, and the real estate market.

Real Estate Backed ICOs Are The Future Of Investment 1


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