Charities work tirelessly for their cause, but as they don’t receive any government funding, they rely entirely on donations. Charities can quite literally save lives, the money could go towards funding medical research, it could go towards keeping young people off the streets or it could go into rehabilitation or a hundred other great causes. Whether you’re a company or just an individual, you might have a cause that’s close to your heart. You might want to raise some money for the great work charities do, or perhaps you just want to do something fun and raise some cash for a good cause in the process. Either way, here are just a few of the ways you can go about it.

Choose a Charity

First things first would be to decide on a charity. If you’re a group or company who can’t decide between charities for your event, you could always choose two or more and split the proceeds equally. Companies like can be worth looking into first, since they can get to know your goals and provide fundraising software which can make the process easier. Charities often have packs and things like collection tins you can use, so sign up and get that sorted ahead of time.

A Bake Sale or Coffee Morning

One way to get people to part with their cash is to have cake on offer! Cake is relatively inexpensive to make, but something people are happy to pay for meaning you can quickly and easily raise some good money. Whether it’s at a school or church fete, corporate event or a coffee morning in someone’s home, get people contributing their best bakes so you can sell them to raise cash. It’s fun and something children and adults can both get on board with.

A Sponsored Activity

A sponsored activity can be as simple or elaborate as you like. People could sponsor you to do anything from shaving your head to doing a parachute jump! It could be as simple as a sponsored fun run. Usually the wacky ideas do well, have a look online and see what kinds of things you could do it get people interested and parting with their cash for charity. If you can get lots of people to donate even a small amount to support you then it will all add up, you could ask on Facebook, in your social circles, you could even go door to door.

A Party

How about throwing a party, and asking all of your guests to donate the money they would have spent on a night out? Otherwise you could throw a ball or special event party and charge people for tickets with the money going to charity. Raffles, tombola, bingo and other kinds of games can also raise money on the night and encourage people to dig deep. Plus it’s fun too!

Do you currently give to charity? Which cause do you give to, and why?


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