Today, no dinner party or girls’ night out is complete without a bottle of rosé. Once shunned by wine sommeliers, more and more experts are coming around to accept this phenomenon of the comeback of rosé.

A happy medium between a red wine and a white wine, the embrace of rosé into our wine bars and kitchens has not been an easy transition. Though it represents only 1.5% of all wine, rosé is growing at an astonishing rate with one in every 36 bottles of wine sole in the US is a rosé. The category itself is worth an annual $207 million and from April 2016 to April 2017, sales grew 53%.

Even for light wines, some rosé can really pack a punch at around 11.5% to 13.5%; ABV, light to Americans but for the rest of the world it a standard medium-alcohol content wine. Pair that with a generally low price rating per glass at most wine bars, it’s no wonder that rosé has become the favorite for young adults all over the world.



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