If you’ve ever owned a pit bull you may not understand why people want to ban them. They are loving family dogs most of the time, but in the rare instances when they do attack people the results can be severe and the backlash is often massive.


Pit bull and pit bull related dogs make up as much as 20% of the dogs in the United States, or 18 million animals. Statistically pit bull attacks are exceedingly rare considering the massive numbers of this family in the country as a whole. But when pit bulls attack there is often significant media coverage of the event, which adds to the stigma.

The main problem is that not even the experts can correctly identify pit bulls all of the time, and in fact pit bulls are some of the best behaved dogs out there. Learn more about why pit bulls are not a public health threat from this infographic.

Are Pit Bulls Really A Threat? [Infographic] 1


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