Is it even reasonable to expect balance between work life and home life these days? When you start getting your work emails sent directly to your phone, aren’t you asking for it? In short, technology is supposed to be making our lives easier but instead it is interrupting the family dinner. What is happening and how can we fix it?

When there were no computers to speak of and no Internet, leaving work at the end of the day really meant leaving work. There were clearly defined rules for when you should be at work and when you should be at home. Technology has blurred these definitions, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing.

Using that same technology to redefine work in the 21st century can help to restore a better balance. Instead of being required to be in your chair from 9 to 5 everyday with every increasing encroachments on your time outside of those hours, you can actually use that technology to work remotely or enjoy a flexible schedule, reclaiming some of your lost personal time.

Learn more about restoring work/life balance from this infographic!

Restoring Work/Life Balance With Tech [Infographic] 1



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