Graduate school is important. It matters to our economy whether we are graduating workers with advanced degrees. It matters to our economic stability within the global marketplace whether we have an educated population. There’s just one problem – most people aren’t willing to live with years of a massive debt load breathing down their necks in order to earn a graduate degree. So what do we do now?

There are a few forward-thinking companies that recognize the importance of an educated workforce and are taking steps to help those who want to earn a graduate degree do so. Companies like UPS, Best Buy, and Bank of America will pay certain employees $5250 in related educational expenses to earn their degrees. Verizon pays up to $8000 a year for full or part time employees to attend graduate school.

If you want to make it work there are ways to do so. Learn more about the war on grad school and how to make it work from this infographic!

Is There A War On Grad School? [Infographic] 1


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