Jump back ten or even 20 years and the technology we’re using now would be considered something from a science fiction movie. Our industries are advancing due to the tech they have access to, allowing them to offer bigger, better and more innovative solutions to everyday problems.


Some sectors are enjoying tech more than others, including:

Healthcare industry

What tech is encouraging change?

  • 3D printing – We now have the ability to rapidly print high quality prosthetics and even organs to treat individuals quickly and without risk.
  • Telemedicine – You can now access a doctor without leaving your home as remote video conferences allow people to speak to them face to face for a virtual check up. Mainly aiding those with disabilities that restrict their ability to leave the house, it’s a good example of how tech is changing the sector.


What tech is encouraging change?

  • VR – This innovative tech isn’t just great for gamers, when used in the classroom it can encourage students to fully engage with a subject as they enjoy a ‘hands on’ experience.
  • Online resources – Want to know something? You can simply type a question into the search bar and instantly receive the answer. To enhance this further there is now a huge number of free online resources that teachers can access to help with their lessons.
  • E-books – Textbooks needn’t be a costly requirement. Not only are e-books cheaper but they’re great for the environment too and save space (and back ache carrying them between classes).


What tech is encouraging change?

  • Tax form kits – No longer do HR and payroll representatives have to source and download numerous tax forms. There are now services that offer ready made W-2 forms that automatically sync with your accounting software – offering a time and money saving solution for those working behind the scenes, ensuring employee wages and salaries are accurately recorded for the IRS.
  • The Cloud – It’s never been easier to collaborate on projects as more office based industries enjoy cloud sharing. This type of document and data storage is also very secure – with many people using Google Drive that is free to set up and easy to manage.
  • Anywhere working – While a BOYD (bring your own device) mantra can be a risk – it doesn’t allow businesses to regulate where data is being stored on machines or what is being downloaded – anywhere working due to mobile tech is a great innovation. When businesses supply staff with laptops and smartphones that they can use to work wherever they are, it opens up doors when it comes to efficiency and productivity in the workplace. It encourages hot desking – allowing people to interact with other teams more and never miss an email even while out of the office.

These three industries are benefiting greatly from innovative tech – if you run a small business it’s now time to look into how you can give yours a boost with the right equipment or software to improve productivity, boost morale and keep moving forward.



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