It doesn’t matter how hard you have been working recently and it doesn’t matter whether or not you have years of experience, because there will come a time when you need to hire someone to help you out with work and if you are not ready for this stage then it will cause you real problems at a later date.

The Interview

How many times have you sat down to talk to a candidate, to find that they are perfect for the job? And how many times have you realized that after a couple of days, they are nothing but a headache? The problem is that you can’t tell everything there is to know about a candidate from the interview and you would be surprised at how many people experience these types of problems during the hiring process. It doesn’t matter whether you are considering hiring an office manager or whether you are just looking for someone who can work full-time, because knowing who you are hiring is crucial.

Specific Job Requirements

When you start a new company with Your Company Formations Limited, you will quickly find that running a business isn’t a walk in the park. Success can happen overnight and you have to be ready for it, so when you are hiring your staff you need to start out with instructions that are clear and concise. You also have to have a written job description as well as this will help you to find out, in your own mind, who exactly you are looking for. It also helps to have goals and objectives set so that you can know what value this new position is going to be adding to your company.

Candidate Profile

When you draft your own candidate profile, this will help you to stay focused and it will also help you with your own objectives as well. You have to state what experience you want your candidate to have and you also need to think about their personality. By working out what you are actually looking for in your candidate you can then find out what tasks they are most suited for and this is a great way for you to find out if they are a good fit for you.

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Interview Plan

It also helps to develop an interview plan. The interview is quite possibly one of the most important parts of the whole process and it is a great way for you to try and find out how qualified a candidate is. You’ll want to take into account the job-related knowledge they have and you will also want to try and predict how they are going to fit into your team. When hiring someone, the main thing that you have to remember here is that the questioning is more important than the amount of questions that you have.

Defensive Hiring

Defensive hiring is when you look out for any hazards or even any potential emergencies. It is a known fact that most employee problems are actually caused by a very small number of employees. In other words, 95% of your team will be experiencing problems because of 5% of your workforce. By eliminating this 5% or by being more diligent in your approach to your hiring process you can then be sure to really make the most out of the whole process.

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Past Performance

Another thing that you can do is try and write down questions that ask your candidates to give some examples of how well they performed in the past. You will also want to monitor their past performance and even their skill level as well. You’ll also want to look out for their motivations for the job. Don’t be afraid to ask them for more information. If you are sitting down with more than one person then ask them core questions but make sure that you interview and evaluate them fairly. If you ask someone one question and then another person a different question, this will only cause problems for you at a later date.

Background Checks

You really would be surprised to see how many companies don’t actually do any background checks. If the job involves handling any type of money or even a transaction then you have to make sure that they are not a liability. You also have to make sure that you do everything you can to be aware of what they can offer your company and if their criminal past is worth the experience they have. For example, vandalism at the age of 17 may not be a reason for you not to hire them for a job in accounting or anything else similar.



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