In our digital world, even robots can be whoever they want to be online. They may look real and even behave real, but bots are just that: software. Online it’s hard to tell, especially with the 60 million fake Facebook accounts floating around. 

The rabbit hole takes us even deeper into the world of fake social media accounts; it’s not just for pure engagement anymore. Politically motivated fake accounts increasingly growing in popularity. As the division of politics runs deeper than ever, fake accounts have a big opportunity to make an impression on people. Inciting unrest, pushing opinions or propaganda, and trolling are all typical of political bots. During the 2016 election Stanford university research found 115 fake pro-Trump stories on Facebook shared 30 million times, and 41 fake pro-Clinton stories share 7.6 million times.

Ever wonder who (or what) is behind all those fake accounts? Take a look at this infographic for more on the business of fake social media accounts, how to detect them, and how to protect yourself.


Where Do Fake Social Media Accounts Come From? [Infographic] 1


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