Camera roll: 2779 photos! Pics taken today: 17 … and that’s a slow picture day for me. How about you? The data on our own phones begs the question, what has become the most important communication tool? Ironically it isn’t the telephone communication function; it’s a visual internet world out there.
It’s also a visual internet inside, as well as out there. Think Guggenheim…. Inside the Guggenheim Museum, curators now mesh the one million yearly visitors with the many gallery exhibitions by using Estimote beacons, as of 2017. The beacons connect with visitors phones, or with complimentary iPod touch devices and headphones provided by the museum.  The beacons transmit images, information, and instructions in English and many other languages to the museum visitor to help personalize and customize the art experience.  If you cannot make it to the Guggenheim in person, their website displays a huge amount of images and information on their current and permanent exhibitions.
This infographic depicts strategies and techniques to filter through the quantity of images and helps you find the truly beautiful, like the Guggenheim and other art galleries, on the visual internet. Enjoy!
Welcome To The Visual Internet [Infographic] 1


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