Do you even realize how dependent on the Internet you have become? Remember the 1980s when basically no one even had a computer? And now you can’t live without one. When the Internet goes down your ability to do work or even function goes right along with it. How can you make it through an Internet snow day?

The Internet can experience outages for a multitude of reasons. Literal sharks can attack underwater cables and cause outages. Solar flares can cause outages. Even your freaking IoT toaster oven can cause outages.

So what do you do when the Internet goes out and you can’t get any work done? Instead of scrolling through Pinterest looking for new recipes you can look through that stack of physical cook books your grandma dropped off. Instead of streaming movies online you can get out the physical stack of DVDs you own for some reason and watch those instead.

Learn more about navigating an Internet snow day from this infographic!


What Would You Do With An Internet Snow Day? [Infographic] 1



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