In 2012, infamous hacking group Cutting Sword of Justice used scam emails containing bad links that wiped 35,000 Saudi Aramco computers. The company was forced to work on typewriters and use fax machines, and essentially give their oil away for free. In the end, Saudi Aramco was forced to buy 50,000 new hard drives to recover from the attack.

For most victims of cyber attacks, the effects never truly go away. Companies targeted online not only lose their assets or merchandise, but also their reputations. In some cases even a single cyber attack can result in the ruination of a business.

But how can we ensure our freedoms online while also maintaining security? The answer is blockchain.

Used to support the financial and anonymous structure of cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology is the future of cyber security. Eliminates the need for “trust” in the cyber environment, no longer will users have to rely on data banks like Google or Facebook to safeguard personal data. 

Regardless if we can ever truly be secure online, the face of security is changing – will you be ready?

How Cyber Crime Will Make the Internet Better [Infographic]


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