With 264 million social media users, it’s hard to feel unique. Standing out from the crowd in our digital world whether it is romantically, socially, or professionally can be a real challenge. All it takes is a personal brand. 

Let’s talk image – what does your profile photo say about you? Since it only takes a fraction of a second to form an opinion of someone based on a photograph, our profile picture is the ultimate first impression. Before anyone even reads our content or bio, our profile picture is usually the first thing others see of us online. 

In person we have a lot of material to work with to help us stand out. Online, not so much. We’ve all got the same size profile photo box and the same amount of characters to describe ourselves, after all. Sites like Facebook and Linkedin give you a lot to work with in terms of available space to express yourself. From a bio, to status updates, to groups that you interact with, being yourself has never been easier. Some say a Linkedin bio is more valuable than a physical resume and 70% of employers check their candidates social media before hiring, and sometimes even before interviewing.

Take a look at this infographic for more on how to develop your personal brand. From “about me” summaries, to hobbies and interests, all the way to professional accomplishments, everyone has what it takes to grow an online personal brand.


Setting Yourself Apart With Personal Branding Online [Infographic] 1


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