When it comes to recycling, don’t begin at the beginning –  begin at the middle of the recycling cycle by checking out that plastic water bottle sitting on the table next to you. Find the “chasing arrows” triangle symbol, maybe on the bottom? (Don’t spill!) Pat yourself on the back if it says any number higher than one, because that bottle has been recycled!
Okay, this is fantastic! You are drinking your water, using recycled plastic, being an overall great person, and what’s next in your world? Knowing that it isn’t always easy to know where garbage could possibly go next if not the trash….Acknowledging that recycling isn’t always convenient where you live.. Realizing recycling might not even be an option in your community.
Check out this infographic Garbage is Beautiful if you are wondering what to do with your water bottle (or plastic garbage bag, or wine bottle, or steel can). If you’re ready and willing to dispose of it, you’re in huge company: 258 million tons of trash were created in the U.S. (in 2014).  But according to the infographic, there are other options to the garbage can!
Garbage Can Be Beautiful [Infographic] 1


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