Few have lasted the test of time and Internet stardom like cats. Besides being adorable companions, cats and their quirks have captured the hearts of people around the world thanks to their explosive popularity on social sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. From videos of snuggly kittens to Grumpy Cat memes, people just can’t get enough of these surprisingly relatable cats (because you know you would act like that too if someone stuck a piece of bread on your face).

Ever wonder about the human behind the camera? Most owners definitely don’t mind sharing their furry friends since owning a famous feline can bring in around $75k annually in YouTube ads alone. Combine that with merchandise and movie or book deals, and owning a cat has quickly turned into more than a way to teach your child responsibility.  

Take a look at this infographic from Petlifetoday.com to learn more about why the Internet is so obsessed with cats, and tell us about your favorite cat videos and memes in the comments!

Here's Why The Internet Is So Obsessed With Cats [Infographic] 1


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