It happens to everyone. You have one too many bad days at the office or you put in too many overtime hours and pretty soon you just don’t care anymore. You’re grouchy and irritable and you’re losing your temper both in and out of the office. You’re burning out and it’s time to do something about it.

Symptoms of burnout include lack of attention or having to force yourself to get on task, lacking motivation to even show up to work, or having trouble feeling thankful for your job. If you find yourself getting angry or stressed a lot that might also indicate burnout.

To stop burnout before it turns into a more serious problem, take a step back and evaluate the situation. Are you setting your expectations too high? Do you need to look for a better job fit? Start with getting plenty of sleep and regular exercise. Learn more about dealing with burnout from this infographic!

Recovering From Burnout [Infographic] 1


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