Like it or not, your personal appearance says a lot about you. People still make snap judgements about you based on how you look, despite all those cautionary tales you heard as a child not to judge a book by its cover and so forth. It takes someone just a few seconds to make a snap judgement about you based on how you look, and it could literally take you hours, days, or even months to undo that snap judgement. Personal branding is about more than how you present yourself online. It is also about how you present yourself in person. You could have the best most awesome LinkedIn profile but if you roll into a job interview with ripped jeans and a 5 o’clock shadow chances are no one is going to care.

It’s time to grow up and start taking better care of yourself. Start with your skincare regimen. Most guys wash everything BUT their faces. It doesn’t make sense. Your skin is your body’s largest organ and you need to be taking better care of it, starting with daily washing and sunscreen application. Learn more about putting your best face forward from this infographic!

Putting Your Best Face Forward [Infographic] 1


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