Do you remember the old Popular Mechanics newsreels about the home of the future? Everything was going to be made of that space-age new material known as plastic, and automatic dishwashers were going to pop out of the counter top and clean everything without any effort on your part. It’s funny to look back at how our predecessors envisioned what life would be like in this day and age, but it turns out they weren’t too far off on many things.

Today’s home of the future is connected via the Internet of Things. You can turn on the lights and adjust the thermostat via an app on your phone even when you aren’t home. You can answer the door and see who’s there without leaving your bedroom. There are even IoT door locks so you can check to be sure you locked up on your way to the airport.

Learn more about today’s home of the future from this infographic!

Are You Living In The Home Of The Future? [Infographic] 1


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