When you look on social media, do you sometimes see things your friends are doing and feel left out? More than a third of teens report that the only reason they log onto social media is to see if their friends are doing stuff without them. What’s more shocking is that 48% of people say they attend events just so they will have something to post about on social media. Welcome to the FOMO cycle – fear of missing out.


In the FOMO cycle you see your friends doing cool stuff without you online and start to feel bad about yourself and your life. Then you resolve to do cool stuff yourself so you can post about it on social media, even though you really don’t want to. Then you do the cool stuff even though you are exhausted or maybe you don’t like the people you’re hanging out with and post it on social media so you feel a little better about yourself, which possibly sets off the FOMO cycle in someone else.

Learn more about preventing FOMO from this infographic!

Preventing FOMO [Infographic] 1


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