San Diego has a lot more going for it in the tech and startup world than you might think. There are more patent holders in San Diego than anywhere else in the United States, including the most genomics patents specifically. In fact, genomics research and development corners the venture capital market in San Diego, receiving 26% of all of the genomics funding nationwide in the city’s more than 115 genomics firms. Genomics in San Diego alone adds $5.6 billion to the economy. But is San Diego poised to become the Silicon Valley of SoCal?

There’s a lot more going for San Diego than just patents and genomics research, as though that wouldn’t be enough. San Diego has loads of co-working space, Real World Scholars, Girls In Tech, and dozens of universities and colleges graduating tens of thousands each year. Learn more about why San Diego is the Silicon Valley of SoCal.

San Diego: Silicon Valley Of SoCal 1


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