We all know LinkedIn as that weird uncle of a social network that you have to keep inviting to Thanksgiving to make your mom happy, but is that even true anymore? LinkedIn has made some serious improvements over the last several months, and now it’s a place where professionals actually want to spend time. So what has changed?

For starters, there are more people on LinkedIn than ever before – the crowd is growing exponentially. In 2011 there were only 140 million users worldwide and today there are 500 million. LinkedIn has added video, video filters, better messaging, and the ability to tell when someone is online.

LinkedIn is where you build your professional community, and more professionals just like you are joining every day. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to update your profile and up your LinkedIn game. Learn more about the new LinkedIn by the numbers from this infographic!

Build Your Professional Community On The New LinkedIn [Infographic] 1


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