One of the badges you will eventually earn as an office worker is the “I survived a meeting that could have been an email” badge. Lots of meetings happen just for the sake of having a meeting, and it wastes a lot of time for all the people involved. The average amount of time American employees spend preparing for and attending meetings is almost 12 hours a week. So much of that time could be reclaimed with a few tweaks to how we do meetings to begin with.

First, do a technology checkup. Is everyone using the same systems? Is the WiFi working properly and all the equipment up to date? What new technologies can be used to streamline the meeting process and make everyone more productive?

Using the right technology and planning ahead can prevent a lot of wasted time in your work week. Stop wasting time in ineffective meetings. Learn more about mastering meetings from this infographic!

Are You A Master Of Meetings? [Infographic] 1


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