If you had the choice between flipping burgers and starting your own business, which would you choose? More Gen Zers today are choosing the entrepreneurial path after watching their Millennial counterparts graduate with massive student loan debt into a job market with stagnating wages. The only way to avoid such a fate, it seems to be, is to go out and create your own job as soon as possible. And that’s just what young entrepreneurs are doing.

Young entrepreneurs may face significant challenges such as age discrimination, legal hurdles, and networking difficulties, but technology has made it so much easier to make a living. Gen Z are digital natives – the first generation to grow up with no idea what it is like to live without the internet. They are using this to their advantage by creating side hustles on sites like Fiverr and Etsy. Learn more about the pitfalls of young entrepreneurs from this infographic!

Pitfalls Of Being A Gen Z Entrepreneur [infographic] 1



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