When it comes to being a relationship everyone has their ups and downs.  Even though two people come together with the best intentions of creating a future together which is based on respect and mutual admiration, at the end of the day things are bound to arise.


Most couples admit that they argue an average of at least once a week, on the heavier end some arguing as much as several times a day.  75% of couples claim that they would like to argue less but aren’t sure how to stop the cycle.  In order to stop arguing you must be able to first identify the source, then you can take the proper steps to ending the pattern.

Here are some of the most common reasons that couples get into arguments, and what you can do to avoid it.

Lack of Trust

When two people stop trusting each other then they are no longer playing for the same team.  Lack of trust doesn’t always mean lack of trust regarding fidelity.  Sometimes it can mean being able to trust that the other person in the relationship will live up to their promises and commitments.

Sometimes the smallest things such as asking your partner to call the doctor can be something which you fear they won’t even get done.  When you start doubting that they will live up to the things that they commit to doing you start becoming your own self-fulfilled prophecy.  

The more that you reinforce the doubt in your partner, the more they will gradually become that way.  It’s important to encourage and trust each other regardless of mistakes in the past.  Being able to move on will not only help your relationship continue to thrive, but you will be a happier person free of the burdens of doubt.


Unfortunately, many couples do not see eye to eye when it comes to money. One of you may think that the other spends way too much in one area, while the other feels the same about their partner.  

In the grand scheme of things, money isn’t everything.  However, it is something that plays a role in our everyday lives and shapes the quality of our lives.  Therefore it’s important to try to compromise and understand the other when it comes to your spending habits.  If you don’t think that you can live harmoniously in terms of money then you should consider calling it quits.

Lack of Friendship

When two people in a relationship lose their sense of friendship with each other, then this can cause the two of them to lose touch completely.

While romance is important, a friendship is the basis of a relationship and should be treasured at all costs.


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