Unless you are a perfectly programmed robot, which is unlikely because humans are still the ones programming robots at this point, you are likely the weakest link in your network’s information security chain. Humans make mistakes – we reuse passwords, we use the same password on multiple accounts, and we click on links in emails that we know we probably shouldn’t. As a result hackers know who to target to get into a network, and chances are if your business hasn’t been hacked already it’s going to be hacked soon. So what can you do if you are running a small business and you can’t afford an army of IT professionals?

Always start with teaching your employees about password hygiene. Make sure your company has a BYOD policy. And most importantly, know that you can hire outside help to maintain the integrity of your company’s network. After all, half of all small businesses that experience a successful phishing attack go out of business within six months. Learn more about how a cloud based NaaS can help protect your company from hackers!

Are Hackers Plotting To Destroy Your Business? [Infographic] 1



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