If you have your heart set on creating your own business, then in all likelihood you’ll have been looking at the well-established successful business men and women and thinking: now how did they do it? While things like ideas, intuition, and hard work can’t be undervalued, there are some things that anybody can do. None of the habits we’ll outline below is revolutionary, but they do have the power to revolutionize how you live, and thus how successful you are in your business or career.


They Handle Their Time

Have you ever noticed how the people at the top always seem to be in control? It’s not a coincidence: they really are in control, of themselves and their time. Having a robust schedule may seem a bit boring, but it is effective. If you know where you’re going to be at any given point, you’ll naturally fall into a rhythm that will allow them to work better. They also make the most of their time: all the brightest and best people rise early and spend an hour or two just by themselves, collecting their thoughts as they come to life.

They Track Their Progress

You’re not the finished article, or at least you should hope you’re not. The most successful people are always trying to improve themselves, to be a better person tomorrow than they are today. But they don’t just go off their gut feelings when it comes to determining whether they’ve reached this goal: they can consult their journal. In it they’ll be able to see where they’ve been, the mistakes they’ve made, and their plans for the future. You are the best teacher that you’ll ever have; make sure you’re paying attention to those important thoughts and ideas you’ve had.

They Don’t Underestimate Energy

You can’t change the world with a sleepy mind. Energy breeds more energy, a movement, and as such the world’s best business people always ensure that they have it in spades. They’ll have early nights. They’ll forego after work drinks, instead choosing to spend their time in the gym. During the day, they’ll eat energy giving snacks, and sip on drinks like Monster Energy to give their mind and body the jolt it needs to stay alert. Energy is one of the most underrated aspects of creating a business, so make sure your body is topped up and ready to make things happen.

They Steal Ideas

OK, when we say they “steal” ideas, we really mean they appropriate ideas. You are not the smartest person to have lived. Neither is Bill Gates or Elon Musk. But they – and you – have access to most wise words that were ever uttered. How could you turn down the chance to know what the best human minds have had to say? Read, listen, and use what you can to get ahead.

They’re Not Afraid to Fail

It’s simple. Success isn’t succeeding; it’s suiting up for the fight in the first place. Be bold, take chances, and you’ll be rewarded.


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