Art and architecture have long been partners in trying to create a balance in interior and exterior design. But, it’s not just those aspects that form a relationship; it’s also the design that can help glue both together. The structural design of a building can, and will, combine both art and architecture – and it’s the job of an architect to best decide how they do it. The relationship between art and architecture is relatively simple, but we’ll look into it further below.

What’s the Difference?

Art is anything and everything that’s creative. Both art and architecture are connected in a sense that art is an ocean and architecture is a river that connects to it. The observation is relatively simple to grasp. For example, a sculpture is a piece of art and interior design that gives the sculpture focus could be the architecture. Architecture is a small part of art and architects try to combine both to creatively enhance the inside or outside of a structure.

Architecture Does All the Hard Work

When you look at both art and architecture, you’ll notice that architecture does all the hard work and art does the job of perfecting it. Art can be viewed in 2D or 3D as a stationary object, but architecture can be traveled through, which adds a 4th dimension. Think of architecture as a bog-standard Christmas tree and art as the tree decorations. Architecture (Christmas tree) does the hard work of holding art (decorations) in place so they can both work together to create a masterpiece.

They Both Combine to Beautify a Structure

As stated above, architecture does all the hard work in terms of structure and adding a 4th dimension to any building. However, they both combine perfectly to beautify any area. Without architecture, art is going to look bare. Without art, architecture is going to look bare. One can’t work without the other, otherwise, any building or piece of art is going to look naked and out of place. Even if you look at any bedroom in a typical house, without any furniture (art), it’s going to make the walls, floor and windows look boring.

How Are Both Combined?

An architect like Peter Marino not only needs to determine the design, architecture, and art of the building – they also need to work in conjunction with the structure and engineering aspects, too. It takes someone truly creative to be able to look at a building and then instantly picture what it could look like after its renovated or built – and that’s how both art and architecture is combined to create a masterpiece that gives off that instant wow-factor.

The relationship between art and architecture is almost perfect, but it takes someone creative to ensure they work together and combine in the right manner. Anyone can place a sculpture in a building, but it takes a genius to make it stand out with the help of architecture and other art surrounding it.



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