Gen Z is fed up. They’ve seen the Millennials rack up crushing student loan debts only to be pushed out into a workforce with jobs that can’t sustain their meager lifestyles. As a result, many Gen Zers are foregoing school to start businesses instead. After all, why would you want to rack up student loan debt to work at a job that doesn’t pay you enough when you can create your own job and be your own boss?

More than half of all high school students and nearly half of all college students say they want to start their own businesses after college instead of working for a company. What’s more, 29% of students say they want to invent something that changes the world. There’s a lot of ingenuity out there and it is being given a push out of the nest by a stagnating economy. Learn more about why Gen Z is skipping school from this infographic!

Gen Z Proves Ingenuity By Skipping School 1


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