PDF readers offer diversity when it comes to reading, editing or even creating new PDF files. You can do all of these tasks and even more when you have a PDF reader in your device. With PDF reader at your disposal, you won’t have to use different softwares to read and edit and waste time.


It’s true that many PDF readers come free-of-charge, however, in most cases users need to buy license if they wish to use the advance functions of the reader. All in all, PDF readers are the best for the following reasons:

Format Documents As You Like

Readability is linked with the format of the material. The better the format, the easier it is to read something. There are many documents which are poorly formatted and hard to read, with the help of a PDF reader, you can format documents according to your will.

You can correct typing mistakes, enlarge fonts, zoom in or out of the document, adjust headings, highlight important part of the document, and even add or replace text.

However, not all PDF readers give you the luxury of availing all these options unless you buy a license. You can check out sodapdf.com as it offers a blend of tools at affordable rates.

Read Out Loud

Some PDF readers such as Adobe Reader let you listen to the PDF document.The options is called Read Out Loud as the PDF reader actually reads the entire document for you which you can either listen on a device’s speaker or with the help of headphones.

This feature is also beneficial for people who have a weak eyesight or who have no eyesight at all. They can lie down in bed and listen to their favorite books on PDF reader as much as they like.

Convert Files Into PDF Files

PDF readers also allow you to convert files of various extensions into PDF. These files can belong to .txt or .rtf and many other extensions as well. Converting Word or other files into PDF is a good choice because PDF documents are portable files and can be accessed and opened in any device. More importantly, PDF files are secure.

PDF Readers Let You Fill In PDF Forms

With such readers, there is no need to get documents print if you need to make changes or even sign. You can easily esign all documents, as these signs are accepted everywhere and are considered authentic.
Other than signs, all kind of documents can be filled online, form application forms to any other kind of form. This not only helps you save time, but also saves energy and paper, all in all making PDF readers a great tool to have.

The Verdict

PDF readers offer you great ease and flexibility. However, make sure to pick the right one so that you can enjoy all the benefits that a PDF reader has to offer.


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