Taking care of your eyes is about much more than just wearing funny paper glasses when there’s a solar eclipse. You have to wear sunglasses every day to protect your eyes from UV rays. You have to wear protective goggles whenever you are doing anything that could result in an eye injury, even mowing the grass. You have to protect your eyes from the effects of digital screens. And most importantly you have to eat right so that your eyes can remain healthy and continue to function properly.


There are a number of vision issues that can develop as a result of cumulative damage over time. Macular degeneration if affecting more and more people as a result of overexposure to blue light. Cataracts form as a result of exposure to UV rays, and this is the most common type of eye problem. Diabetic retinopathy is a growing problem that affects people with diabetes by hindering circulation to the eyes.

Learn more about common vision problems and how to prevent them from this infographic!

An Ounce Of Prevention Can Save Your Eyesight [Infographic] 1


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