A Brief History of Censorship

Censorship is the act of censoring or suppressing certain information or communication, usually by a government, media outlet or another official body. It might occur for a variety of reasons, including that the information is seen as harmful to the public or even that it doesn’t suit someone’s goals. How censorship has been used, and the effect it has had through history and all over the world is interesting and can sometimes be shocking too.

Censorship for Political Control

Censorship by governments and political rulers can range from laws intending to improve national security to extreme censorship used for means of political control. Some extreme examples include the use of censorship in Nazi Germany, where there was tight control over the media, book burning, and more.

Different Types of Censorship

There are different ways censorship might be used and has been used at different times. Some censorship is carried out on the basis of defending morality and decency, while other times it might be intended to protect people or keep important secrets. Censorship isn’t necessarily always bad, but it can certainly be used for nefarious purposes.

Censorship Today

Censorship has been used in many ways throughout history, but it is still often used today. For example, it is used to control information and communication related to terrorism. It is also often used to censor images or even writing deemed indecent or immoral. Some countries even still have blasphemy laws.

Censorship in the Past

The use of censorship has a long and fascinating history. A lot of emphasis is placed on freedom of the press today, but it wasn’t always so free.

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