When you think of hackers gaining access to a network, you probably think of some Hollywood blockbuster where an A-list actor is suspended from the ceiling from wires, dusts the keyboard for fingerprints, and learns the computer password right before the dogs are released.


Reality is nothing like the movies. In reality, all hackers really have to do is ask you for your password and chances are you’ll give it up to them. That’s right – humans are the weakest link in cyber security. People click on links in spam emails, use passwords that are easy to guess like 123456, and even reuse passwords that have been compromised before. Because what are the chances you’ll ever get hacked, right?

Everyone is a hacker’s target, and that’s why the old way of securing networks isn’t going to work anymore. Keeping hackers out is no longer enough. Limiting the damage once they are in and detecting the early is the key to next generation network security. Learn more about network segmentation from this infographic!

Hackers Are Nothing Like The Movies [Infographic] 1


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