Technology is the name of the game for this decade in marketing.  Finding new ways to integrate fresh technological platforms will keep your company current and relevant to consumers (which is the whole point of marketing).

Smart phones, tablets, and a slew of other digital devices feed a constant stream of information to millions of people per minute.  Any intelligent business owner would want to learn how to harness that potential for marketing purposes.  

Get started right now, and review a few of the most essential elements of a successful digital marketing campaign.  Integrate these components into your marketing plan, and watch your business bloom.  

The art of a well-designed website

It cannot be stressed enough that every business needs a website.  Your website links your company to the rest of the world with one click of the launch button.  No business can afford to disregard the marketing potential of a functional website.  

Research the elements of a successful web design before you begin building.  Be sure to include a well written “About Us” page (like this one), a clear and concise “Contact Us” page, and an attention-grabbing homepage.  

SEO and PPC integration

Some people try to say that SEO (search engine optimization) is a dead art.  That is a good joke, but SEO is definitely not dead.  It has become more refined and harder to figure out in recent years, but those pesky Google algorithms have not shut it down.  

PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns should not be forgotten.  They are super effective marketing tools that are also affordably priced for the budget.  Whatever method you choose to integrate, remember that tracking and measuring the results is the key goal with SEO and PPC.

Email marketing is effective too

Too often, business owners overlook the value in email marketing campaigns.  Disbursement of informative email marketing is one of the most effective ways to funnel traffic towards your site, increase engagement, and boost conversions.  Use the website to provide an opt in ability to web viewers, and gather email addresses for future marketing efforts.  

Do not forget to incorporate social media

Social media is no passing fad.  It has stood its digital ground for years, and now social media is a mass media giant.  Marketing campaigns that do not include a plan of action concerning social media are simply incomplete.  

You have to harness the power of Facebook, Twitter, and all of the other popular social media sites.  The best advice is to champion one specific platform, and work your way towards platform expansion over time.  

Spread the company’s wings with content marketing

Content marketing sort of ties all the other digital marketing tools together, because it creates new digital content to be explored.  

The more content a company has online, the wider their digital reach.  Incorporate the concepts of SEO into the company’s web content, and you will quickly see results.



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