In the modern age, healthcare is better than ever. Recovery stats from serious illnesses are astounding. For the most part, it’s all thanks to modern inventions and technologies. You could easily argue that it’s a good time to be alive.

But, the modern day isn’t all good news for health. In fact, for our eyes, it’s quite bad news. Whatever way you look at it, the modern lifestyle isn’t kind to our sight. It’s no surprise that 6 out of ten people worldwide wear glasses.

Facts and statistics are one thing, but you may be wondering why modern living is so worrying for eyesight. It’s a good question, and one we’re going to attempt to answer here.


There are a few different problem areas for eyesight today. The most obvious is, of course, the effects of technology. Many of us work in offices, then, when we get home, we’re attached to our phones. This level of concentrated attention is worrying enough. It’s a sure way to unhealthy eye strain. But, it’s not the only worry these screens bring.

The lighting in these devices is known as blue light. You find this in the sun, but a much higher concentration is on our phones and laptop screens. Blue light penetrates deep into the eye, triggering an oxidative and inflammatory cycle. In other words, it can do real damage. A study on animals revealed that this damage can be seen within cell tissue in as little as three hours. How much damage do you think your screen time is doing?

Screens aren’t the only issue. We also face problems with our diets. While few of us relate our diet to our sight, it’s worth considering. While carrots don’t really help you see in the dark, some foods are good for your eyes. And, the processed foods many of us choose to live off have been proven as the worst. Options such as sunflower oil, sweetened drinks, and trans fats can have significant impact. Believe it or not, our eyes are full of blood vessels. Bad blood translates to bad eyesight.

We’re also more stressed now than ever before, and stress has a negative impact on eyesight, too. Effects such as migraines, or constant hyper vigilance, can do real damage to your eyes.

So, what can you do?

The most crucial way around these issues is, of course, to attend regular eye checks. Many of us put these off, but they’re crucial. If you’ve never been before, this blog post about “How To Prepare For Your Upcoming Eye Exam” should give you some idea of what’s involved. In between eye checks, though, it’s down to you to look after your sight. This checklist should ensure you get it right:

  • Take regular breaks from screens
  • Try to lessen the time you spend on technology in the evenings
  • Eat more greens, which will help eye health, and prevent damage from blue light
  • Take up calming practices such as yoga to overcome stress


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