There’s a phenomenon occurring right now on social media – check out the hashtag #IPumpedHere. Women are posting pictures of some of the places they have had the misfortune of pumping during work or elsewhere in public. The point is to drive home the fact that, despite laws at the federal level protecting a woman’s right to express milk at work in a place other than a bathroom, provided accommodations still aren’t always hospitable places to prepare a meal for a baby.

So why should you care about breastfeeding mothers? Some studies show that breastfeeding is better for our economy because babies grow up to be healthier adults. It is also considered better for the environment because breast milk does not have to be farmed and manufactured. Above all else, providing women space to perform the basic functions of parenthood leads to happier employees who stick around longer.

Women should be able to make choices about their lives and careers without feeling judged, and making women pump in bathroom stalls is a pretty harsh judgement. Learn more about breastfeeding rights from this infographic.

Stop Telling Women Where To Breastfeed [Infographic] 1


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