You might have had jobs before, but when you’re a proper adult, you’re entering the workforce for the next few decades. You might have recently graduated from college, or maybe you’ve just finished high school. Whatever your qualifications, if you’re decided that full-time work is the next step, you need to work out what’s going to happen next. There are some big questions to ask yourself and decisions to settle on to help you find your place in the world of work.

Are You Looking for a Job or a Career?

The first question you might consider is whether, right now, you want a job or a career. You might change your mind later, but for now, are you hoping to climb a career ladder or just work to get by? Some people decide to take any job they can so they can use their free time to work on their real passion.

What Do You Want to Do?

This question is probably the biggest one of all. Whether you’ve decided on a career or just a job, working out exactly what it is you want to do is not easy. You can spend years thinking about it and still not come up with a real answer. Don’t get too stuck on thinking about your passions. Consider your skills and interests instead.

Which Sector Is Right for You?

This interesting question is one that perhaps not everyone considers. Do you want to work in the public, private or non-profit sector? All have their benefits and offer different challenges.

Ask Yourself These Big Questions Before Joining the Workforce 1
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