Making a ‘disclosure in the public interest’ otherwise known as whistleblowing helps to highlight wrongdoing and malpractice, keep others safe, and means the relevant individuals are punished for breaking the law. Blowing the whistle when something is being done wrong is an incredibly brave move, if you have uncovered something you think needs to be reported here are a few things to bear in mind.

How Do I Go About It?

To blow the whistle, you need to have reason to believe that malpractice in the workplace is happening, has happened or will happen in the future. You also need to make your disclosure in the right way. Before and after you blow the whistle, keep a careful record of events as they occur. Try to construct a straightforward, factual (non- embellished) log of any relevant activities and events. Keep in mind that your employer will have access to these notes if there is a lawsuit.

What Kinds of Things Do People Blow The Whistle On?

criminal offenses, failure to comply with a legal obligation and miscarriages of justice are all reasons to blow the whistle. It can also include threats to people’s health and safety and damage to the environment. It’s not just in traditional workplaces this can happen too, workers can also report defense fraud in the military. This can include Violations of laws and regulation,large-scale wasting of money, gross mismanagement, abuse of authority and public health and safety dangers.

Should I Tell My Employer?

It can be difficult to let your employer know your intentions, so employees often try to make anonymous reports. If you can make an anonymous report and not be discovered, you have the benefit of avoiding any hostility. However, you are free to tell your boss if you wish, which leads to the next point.

Will I Lose My Job?

When you blow the whistle, the law protects you from losing your job, and from being victimized as a result. This kind of situation can make you feel like you’ve done something wrong, but it’s important to remember that you haven’t. You have done right by being brave and pointing out something that’s clearly being done wrong. Depending on the circumstances, you might decide anyway that you no longer want to work for the organization.

Will People Look Into My Personal Life?

The chances are that attempts will be made to discredit you as a source when you decide to blow the whistle. Your life will be looked at in depth, with your relationships and choices being examined. This can be enough to put some people off saying anything, but know that it’s ethically the right decision to make.

Before blowing the whistle, spend some time making notes and perhaps talking it through with a trusted friend. Despite being the right choice, not everyone will see it that way so you have to be prepared to stand your ground.


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