Social media influencers may sound like people who sit around all day playing on their phones, but this is an actual career path that people can take thanks to the invention of social media. Advertisers once relied on hiring celebrities to endorse their products, and this certainly worked back when people still trusted celebrities and advertising. But today people are more likely to take the recommendation of an actual person over that of a celebrity, even if the actual person is someone they met online. Peer to peer recommendations rule the social media influencer world and brands are starting to take notice.

Still, the job is evolving as quickly as the Internet itself. In the early days of social media influencers there were no rules. This quickly changed and now there are laws about ensuring consumers know they are looking at a paid advertisement. Early in the days of social media influencers brands would just write you a check to say nice things about them and not expect results. These days brands expect measurable results. Learn more about the evolution of the social media influncer from this infographic!

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Evolution of Influencers
Evolution of Influencers


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