It is on the list of every parent’s worst fears for their children.  Drug addiction takes more than just lives.  Drug abuse steals your dignity, and causes other long-lasting damage that is completely unnecessary.

It is important that parents maintain an open relationship with their children, and never put a pin in a conversation about drugs.  Kids need to be aware of the permanent consequences they subject themselves to when they abuse drugs at an early age.  

Take a moment to become a better informed parent, and read through this short synopsis, highlighting a few of the most common signs of drug abuse in teenagers.  

Significant changes in appetite and sleep patterns

A marked increase or decrease in appetite or sleep patterns could signify that your teenager is using drugs or alcohol.  Kids using amphetamines will obviously sleep far less than normal, and teenagers using alcohol or marijuana will sleep far more than normal.  

It is important that you know your teen’s habits, as teenagers are going through a plethora of hormonal changes as well.  It could seem like they are using, but their behavior could be a symptom of a slew of other issues.  The best defense is to keep a close relationship with your teen.   

Changes in physical appearances

Teenagers are typically very concerned with their physical appearances.  When a teenager’s physical appearance declines suddenly, there is always a reason.  

The reason for extreme physical change in a teen is not always drugs or alcohol, but it always signifies that your teen needs individual attention.  Clearly, a teenager’s body will go through some physical changes naturally, but extreme weight loss or gain could be a sign of something far more serious.  

Social withdrawal and isolation

Teenagers are typically very social creatures.  They are in the developmental stage of life where they should be beginning to strike out on their own in social situations.  

When your teenager spends most of their time isolated, there may be a problem.  It probably would not hurt to have an emotional check in conversation with your child.  A mother or father should know their child better than anyone else in the world.  If your kid is acting “off,” you will know it.  

Unexplained and unending need for money

Again, it is common for teenagers to constantly need money for something.  There is a different sort of desire when a teen is seeking money for drugs or alcohol.  

In general, if your teen is seeking money for drugs or alcohol, then they will ask for small amounts on several different occasions.  They may be secretive about their reasoning, and claim that they need it for something important.


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