The love for celebrities is not new. It is something that has existed in human beings for a long time. Do not worry about wanting to know the next bit of juicy news because you are not alone. The following are four of the most interesting Hollywood happenings to feed your need for a little more gossip.

Big Credit Card Decline

One of the most embarrassing moments a person can go through is having their credit cards declined. Some people fear this little financial hiccup so much that they ask their bank to give them a safety net just in case they swipe their cards without calculating how much was in their account. Well, two NFL stars are being sued by a nightclub for not paying since their cards were declined. The guys being sued are A’Shawn Robinson of the Detroit Lions and Caleb Benenoch of the Tampa Bay Bucs. The pair ended up spending nearly $10,000 at this nightclub.

The Simpsons Refused a Celebrity

The current leader of the country asked the popular show to allow him to voice a character recently. Donald Trump has voiced himself in other episodes, but this time the popular show politely declined. One of the most popular cameos Trump had on the show was when he became a president of an insane US populace that Lisa had to fix in the future. His appearance was meant to be a joke at the time.

Angelina Jolie Responds to Accusations

Not long ago, Angelina Jolie gave an interview where she spoke about her life and the new film, First They Killed My Father. The interview sparked public backlash regarding the way the kids in the film were cast. The story said that children from orphanages and slum schools were auditioned in a cruel fashion.

The kids were placed in front of money and asked to think about what they need only to have the money snatched away. Allegedly, this exercise was used to stir up emotions. Angelina Jolie has finally talked about this and explained that this was nothing more than a scene in the film. She is upset that this story has gotten out of hand, especially because it is not true.

Hannah Montana Star Slapped With a DUI Charge

Brandon Mychal Smith who starred in both Hannah Montana and Sonny with a Chance was arrested in Burbank, Calif. He was stopped on July 23, in the morning, after running a red light. The traffic cops who stopped him were the ones who administered the sobriety test and found out he was under the influence while driving. Smith played Nico on the Sonny with a Chance show and Ricky on Hannah Montana. Smith spent a few hours in jail before being let go though he is expected to appear back in court to deal with this problem.

Of course, these are just some of the most recent news on celebrities though there is likely something else brewing, so keep cruising sites like Top 10 Jungle and others to give yourself the latest celebrity gossip.



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