Top Pro-Bono Apps and Tools for Writers

Writes are always very choosy about tools they use for writing: till recent times it was a choice between pricey pens or cheap pencils, Dickinson paper or ordinary sheet of A4 paper. Today, with a total invasion of technologies in our life, writers have a choice of different programs installed on their workstations.

For the most part, all writers used good old Microsoft Office Word – this word processor has all necessary features that any writer needs – there was no need to search for an alternative till recent times.

Unfortunately for all admirers of MS Word, Windows has selected a very interesting strategy: instead of developing new OS or products, the company now is oriented on cloud technologies and annual subscriptions for the usage of software. As a result, now users of MS Word 2016 have to pay more than $100 for a possibility to complete their dissertation in the needed format. No wonder that students, who use this word processor for completion of various academic writing assignments are more than motivated to search for something less pricey, or, ideally, free.

And if till recently the only rivals of MS Word were Scrivener and Ulysses (also paid tools, by the way), today it is possible to find a wide range of free apps that can lend a helping hand to a fresh writer.

Focus Writer

It is a definite must-have for writers who tend to distract during the process of writing. Many writers of well-known custom writing services like admit that this app is extremely helpful if it is necessary to pay all attention to the paper: the app hides all other apps, so there is no temptation to check email, scroll a news line on the social media and so on. The app looks a bit old-school, though it’s the very thing you need to write a paper within the shortest possible period of time. In addition, it displays the progress of writing so it helps a lot to struggle with procrastination.


This app is really helpful when it comes to editing of the texts and with its help it is possible to format, annotate and link words simple as it is.


Fully fledged substitute of MS Word, this app offers all advantages of this word processor taking away the main disadvantage: the cost. All useful features are saved and there is no need to pay a fortune – no wonder that many writers prefer to use this app. What is more important, LibreOffice has a set of free templates for all kinds of content, so its usage saves a lot of time also.


Users of Adobe In-Design will definitely recognize this app. It is more appropriate for usage as a publishing app that runs in Windows, Linux and OS X. It requires a bit of practice as it deals with publishing more than editing of the texts, however, it is possible to type a book and impose it into pages with help of this app.


Another app that deals more with mind mapping and publishing rather than with typing and editing words, however, many writers find this app extremely useful. When you think about mind maps, the first thing that comes to mind is a wall full of sticky notes, however, this app boosts the level of mind mapping and, by the way, it is extremely important when you are brainstorming the structure and ideas for some challenging writing tasks like dissertations.

There are also plenty of apps that each and every writer may find useful, though they have nothing in common with writing. For example, there are many apps for listening to music with an ability to create playlists: everyone knows that music can become the best muse so many people search for inspiration in favorite songs.

Take an advantage of the technologies: there is no need to waste money on things that can be found for free.


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