Whether you’re a foodie or a chef, there are so many products out there to make your life easier and your meals tastier! Here are a few of our favorites.


Pasta Machines and Drying Racks

Store bought pasta, whether fresh or dried, just does not compare to fresh, homemade pasta. Only a true fan of authentic Italian cuisine is likely to put in the effort of making pasta purely by hand. But this kind of person will savor every moment of the process. If you fancy trying your hand at pasta but what to make things a little easier for yourself, invest in a pasta machine and drying rack. This will allow you to make a perfect tagliatelle with minimal hassle. Most are modeled on old Roman designs, with a hand crank. Opt for one with adjustable rollers, so that you can vary the thickness of your pasta sheets, liberating you to make any dish you wish.



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Sushi Kits

When it comes to sourcing good sushi, most of us will venture out to a specialist restaurant. But basic sushi can be made effectively at home too! What’s more? The equipment that you need to make delicious bites is relatively basic. You will need a bamboo rolling mat and a bamboo paddle. Nothing too techy! What’s more? You can often get bundle packs of ingredients containing everything that you could possibly need to get started, from sushi rice to fresh seaweed and soy sauce.

Skinning Machines

If you’re fond of fish and eat different types regularly, you may grow tired of having to skin and debone them so regularly. Your technique might also not be perfect, leaving small bits of unwanted skin and stray, fine bones in your dishes. But not to worry, there’s a fix for this! A fish skinning machine removes all the unwanted skin tail first and can process both fresh and smoked fish. It truly is the perfect product for any pescatarian!



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Herb Wreaths

Increasing numbers of people are taking to grow their own herbs in their gardens or window boxes. Who can blame them? They get to harvest their homegrown, delicious seasonings, adding a personal touch to their homemade dishes. But why pick them and leave them in pots or storage containers when you could make them into a beautiful, decorative, culinary wreath. Weave together herbs with woody stems for the basic structure: rosemary, sage, and lavender work perfectly. Then decorate with soft stemmed lemon balm and mint and flowering herbs, like chive or lemon blossoms. Hang from a hook in your kitchen and feel free to pick parts out as and when you need them in your dishes. Beautiful!

Wine Aerators

We all have a wine connoisseur in our life. The kind of person who can truly detect base notes and identify the exact grapes that they are drinking. For these people, we would recommend a wine aerator. It is commonly accepted that wine tastes at its best once the bottle has been opened and left to air for a little while. But if you don’t have the time for this, a wine aerator will speed up the process for you!


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