Fitness lovers and fanatics have one thing in common. They love new gadgets. At one particular time, you will find a fitness fanatic beating up something until it’s finished, sweating through a gadget they bought recently or distracted by a new gadget they’ve heard about.

If you have ever been around a fitness fanatic, you probably have a good idea that they take what they do seriously. Here are five gadgets that a fitness fanatic needs.


This gadget comes with an option to be attached to the body. To better keep track of the number of steps you take, the pedometer can clip onto your shoes. It can also be placed into your pocket or attached to your pants or any other clothes that you might be wearing. The good thing about a pedometer is that it allows for informal calibration as the distance of a step may vary from one person to the other.

Several benefits are associated with having a pedometer. For instance, the pedometer acts as a motivation tool to someone planning to keep fit in that it helps reduce blood pressure levels, increase physical activity and count body mass index. Remember that other than counting the number of steps you make in a day, a pedometer can also calculate the distance you travel that day.

The pedometer is very important for adjusting the workout and fitness routine. A fitness fanatic can wear a pedometer to work, and this will help them adjust to workout routine later in the day.

BMI Calculator

The BMI calculator is the next gadget that every fitness fanatic should own. Known for its computation of how fat a person is, the BMI calculator can assist a fitness fanatic plan for their workout routines to do away with excess fat. This also means that there is no need to run to the doctor once in a while.

For starters, BMI stands for body mass index. While there are many BMI calculators out there, the most common one is the BMI scale that allows you to stand on it. It computes your weight, height, and body mass index in an instant.

Pulse Oximeter

In the recent past, the Pulse Oximeter was used by doctors only to check how lung medicines were working on a patient, to determine whether a ventilator is needed on a patient or during and after surgical procedures. However, things have changed, and every fitness fanatic needs a pulse Oximeter to determine their capability to deal with increased activity levels.

When used for fitness purposes, the device is attached to the finger of the training individual with the aim of measuring the oxygen levels as well as other statistics related to the heart. In a layman’s term, the Pulse Oximeter is used to determine oxygen consumption in your body. This serves a fitness fanatic well by telling them whether to increase or reduce the physical activity they are involved in.

If correctly used, it can help deter conditions such as anaemia, pneumonia, asthma, heart failure and heart attack as well as chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases. Isn’t the wish of every fitness fanatic to stay clear of these illnesses?

Heart Rate Monitor

As a fitness fanatic, you will require a heart rate monitor regardless of whatever exercise you’re doing. Other than monitoring your heart rate, the monitor will allow you to record the statistics as you may require them later on for various reasons. If you get yourself an advanced model, it will measure other important parameters when training such as the breathing rate, heart rate activity and variability.

What’s even better is that fitness fanatics can know their dehydration levels as well as core temperature using sensor fusion algorithms incorporated in heart rate monitors.

Fitness Wristband

This is the last gadget that every fitness fanatic should have to take care of important goals and statistics when it comes to workout. The good thing about fitness bands is that they allow monitoring several activities at one. This could be either the number of calories you have burned in a day, your sleeping patterns as well as the number of steps you have covered in a day.

All these gadgets are very crucial in making the necessary adjustments when it comes to workout schedules and routines.


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