What is emotional intelligence? It’s a very valuable trait that allows you to fit in better at work and make human connections with those around you. It’s not magic, and even though you aren’t born with it it’s something you can learn and develop throughout your life.

Are you impatient when things don’t go your way? Work on developing your self-regulation and letting things go when they are out of your control. Do you think people are whiny and just need to suck it up? Try to put yourself in their shoes and develop your empathy. Are you completely motivated by money and power? Try working on things that make you happy so you can be motivated by enthusiasm instead. Are you constantly blaming others for your problems? Work on your self-awareness so you can understand your personal strengths and weaknesses.

Learn more about emotional intelligence from this infographic. It could make a huge difference in your life!

Emotional Intelligence Can Change Your Life [Infographic] 1


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