People use diet supplements in order to get rid of an excessive weight and to obtain a slender body. In general, there are two types of the diet supplements – a diet shake and a weight loss pill. The latter is not designed specifically to burn fat and reduce weight but to provide nutrients to the body. At the same time, the diet pills are made to lose weight by different ways including the reduction of hunger, burning of fat, removal of excess water, and the increase of metabolism.

The FDA classifies the diet pills by two types. The first type is the appetite suppressants. This type of the diet pills decreases appetite causing the reduced consumption of food. Phentermine is the major ingredient of the appetite suppressants. The reduction of hunger is caused by the phentermine effect on the nervous system. You may find the weight loss shakes like GNC Lean Shake 25 that also reduce craving but in another way. They supply protein to the body and provide the feeling of satiation.

The second type of the FDA’s classification of the diet pills is the fat blockers. These pills do not fight against appetite but block the absorption of fat. As a result, the blood is not supplied with fat, which comes out with the stool.

The functions of the diet supplements are not limited to blocking fat and reducing appetite. Some products increase metabolism and energy, remove water from the body and provide other benefits to losing weight.

If you think about using a diet pill, you should be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of this supplement.


Suppression of appetite

The suppression of appetite using the diet pills does not involve a caloric intake. The appetite is reduced due to the stimulants and other hunger-suppressing ingredients like caffeine.

Removal of water

The weight loss pills reduce the amount of water held by your body. The pills contain the diuretics – the compounds that remove water out of the body.

Decrease of lipogenesis

The process of the prevention of the formation of new fat is called lipogenesis. While the majority of the diet supplements focus on burning fat, the function of lipogenesis prevention is much in-demand.

Resting energy expenditure

This feature envisages the burning of calories when you are resting. It is a great feature since the majority of the diet pills increase the energy level to burn calories during the workout.



The diet pills are not a cheap affair. You may find a cheap supplement but its efficiency is likely to be poor. Besides a few brands can guarantee the effect in reducing weight.

No Safety Regulation

Unfortunately, most of the diet supplements are the over-the-counter drugs that do not fall under the regulatory standards of the prescription medications. The FDA can monitor the safety and efficiency of the product after it has been released in the market.

Side Effects

Since the weight loss pills affect the body processes, they may cause some health issues. Besides, some products contain the hazardous ingredients that are also of concern.



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