As you get older, one common pain which can occur is hip pain. And just like with other chronic pain, it can be hard to handle on a daily basis. At it’s worse, a lot of people find they struggle to move from one day to the next. There are many reasons why hip pain can start occurring. Most commonly it’s associated with arthritis which a lot of people get later in life. Or it could be a strain or a fracture which is causing the pain. But if you are finding the pain from your hip unbearable, here are some ways you can make hip pain a thing of the past!

Do some exercises

It’s easy to avoid exercise altogether if you are struggling with hip pain. After all, the last thing you probably want to do is get up and move around when your hips are in agony. But you might be surprised to know it’s one of the best ways to ease that awful hip pain. Of course, you should ask a physical therapist first before you do any hip exercises. But then if they give you the go ahead, it’s worth doing some exercise to ease the pain. For starters, you might want to consider doing a bridge exercise. It’s easy to do it in your room at home and can be a great way to get the muscles working to ease the pain. You should then start doing some inner and outer thigh muscles. These support the hip, so you want to strengthen these to ease the pain. Do some simple leg exercises to make sure they stay in good condition. You can then do some hip stretches such as a rotation stretch which can help to ease the pain. And you will soon find some relief if you do some more exercise!

Make sure you have plenty of rest

It’s easier said than done to rest when you are in agony with your hip. But if you want to ensure the pain is in the past, it’s the best thing to do. Therefore, make sure you give yourself time to rest up when you are in agony. Lay on the sofa and put an ice pack on the sore area to help you relax. You can then ensure your body has time to rejuvenate to help that hip pain. And make sure you are going to bed early to give your body time to recuperate. That way, you will find the hip pain is a little less painful the next day! And when you are dealing with hip pain, make sure you have a supportive mattress. That way, you can ensure you stay comfortable, so the hip pain doesn’t get any worse!

Consider a hip replacement

While some people might find they can live with hip pain, it can be unbearable for others. In fact, if it stops you living your life, some anti-inflammatory tablets are just not going to do the trick on a daily basis! And if you do manage to break the hip bone, it might be your only move forward to consider a total hip replacement. Not only can it reduce the pain in your life, but it can ensure your hip functions properly. So it can turn your life around if you are finding it unbearable to be mobile. Of course, there are risks involved so make sure you get a thorough understanding before going for the op. But if you want the pain to go away, it can be a long-term solution to help you have as normal life as possible.

Lose some weight

You might not realize, but your hip pain could be worse if you are overweight. After all, the more weight you are carrying, the more pressure your hip will be under. And it can give your hip pain if it can’t deal with this extra weight. Therefore, if you want to ensure that hip pain is a thing of the past, you should consider losing some weight. For starters, make sure you are eating a healthy diet. If you are eating healthy and well-balanced meals, you will soon notice a difference in your weight. Also, you want to make sure you are exercising on a daily basis. It can be hard when you are suffering from hip pain. But even going for a walk every day can help you to shed those pounds which will ease the hip ache!

And remember to get in the water if you are suffering from hip pain. It will instantly give your muscles some relief. And it’s the best way to do some simple exercise without being in agony!


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