Freelancers are ruling the working world these days. Currently 34% of American workers are freelancers, and that figure is expected to reach 43% in just a few short years. But what is driving this change from the traditional nine to five lifestyle to the freedom to work wherever, whenever? Probably the Internet and telecommuting have had an influence on this change – the ability to do something is often the driving force to find ways to actually do it. But also people are looking for a more flexible lifestyle and the ability to be their own boss. Freelancers can choose which projects to work on and which to pass on, where to work, and what hours to keep. It isn’t all fun and games though – freelancers are responsible for paying their own payroll taxes, paying their own health insurance premiums, and putting away all the money they will need for retirement. Learn more about the benefits of the gig economy from this infographic!

Gig Economy: Freelancing As A Career 1


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